The Process


the images. 

Every search to find the right photographer begins with images. Eventually you find a website that jumps out at you and you say "Hey! ... This is the style of photography that I love!"

Do I like her portfolio and does it resonate with me? Does she use natural lighting thoughtfully? Can she capture the emotions of the couple as well as the entire day? Can she showcase our amazing wedding venue and how much thought we put into picking out every detail?

Do I think she can tell our story in an authentic and artistic way that captures who we truly are?


the person. 

You're going to spend a lot of time with your photographer on one of the most important day of your life. You've done an amazing amount of work to make it to this moment. Of course you want to like her as much as you like her images. 

Does she seem nice? Will she be laid back, fun, easy to work with? Will she guide us when we're not sure how to pose or help us navigate when and where to do the big family photo? Will she be able to wrangle my uncle Joe with grace during the family photo? Will she be able to coax a smile out of my super shy flower girl? Will she be able to sense when I need her to help us move the day along and at the same time sense when I need her to back off and let the day unfold organically?  

The answer is yes, yes, and yes! 


My Style.

Natural Light - Photojournalistic

I come from a sports background and I love to capture action, whether it's the football player catching the perfect pass, or the groom planting the perfect kiss on his bride. I lean towards candid photography with a photojournalistic touch. I love light and bright images and like to play with sunlight to create a feeling of warmth.

I absolutely love silly. And goofy. And I love when a bride and groom are authentically themselves. The most beautiful pictures are the ones where you can see happiness beaming out. I strive to find those magical moments in time, the ones that are unfolding at lightning speed.